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Our Vision

Fundamentally, poverty is the inability of having choices and opportunities, a violation of human dignity. It means lack of basic capacity to participate effectively in society. Realising this we have sowed a small seed with the hope to bring a tiny smile on their fade faces.

We believe, one day this seed will grow up into a huge tree and most of the needy human being and many creatures will have shelter in it. Our goal is to overcome poverty and people live with dignity in the society.

Our foundation is committed to provide basic amenities and work as a mediator for providing sustainable means of livelihood through educating, training and empowering the needy sections of the society. It strives to build trust and relationship with the needy people whose prosperity and security are ever at stake.

For Helping Needful People of the society

Instead of thinking what society has given us, we shouldthink about what we have given to the society. Every person caresabout his family, his children but the one who understands pains &problems of others, is truely great at heart and he is only the realhuman being.

  • Though this institution we will provide for orphans, children, handicap people, girls / boys and also free education for students in need of it.
  • We will also provide Free Medical help to poor people.
  • We will provide facility of an orphanage for orphans & oldage home for old people.
  • The people who could not complete their education due to any reason or due to any problematic conditions at home, we are providing help for education without any age limit.
  • Everyone deserves all the human rights. So everyone should fight for those rights and this institution will help you to fight for those human rights.
  • Every woman should not be dependent but independent. For 'Home Making' women who are always at home & dont have anyone's support this institution runs a centre named 'Mahila Swawlambi Kendra'.
  • Environment Protection : We will create love and care and fondness for environment. By giving information about planting trees and keeping environment clean out Agenda is to create awareness about environment protection.

Many such similar plans & societal works agenda will be done by this intitution. To make all this societal work successful, we would need everyone's helping hand. Every common man and every heartfelt donar who feels one men towards society is very important for such societal mission due to which the person who is needy, who doesn’t have anyone, to them we can come together as an helping hand and again bring a ray of hope in their lives and bring a smile on their faces. This will not only make them happy but would being immensely satisfying happiness to you too..

Come on..... lets come together and give our valuable contribution to this institution and help such needy people.

So all wellwishers please come forward to help them.